Frequently Asked Questions | Oklahoma City Boudoir and Intimate Portraiture

Interested in a boudoir session with Intimate Lens Studio but want more information before booking your session?

I’m here to help you gain more insight and give you the information you need by answering some of my most frequently asked questions.

Oklahoma City Boudoir Girl in Bed

I don’t think I have the right “look” for boudoir. Could you photograph me if I don’t look like as amazing as the people on your website?

Heck to the Yes! Former clients, just like you, at one point looked at the photos on my website and thought - "I don’t believe my portraits will be as good because I don’t look like a model.” I am a big supporter of body inclusivity. Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. I don’t want you to look like anything or anyone but you. My goal is to amazing portraits that capture you at your best right now, which I believe is pretty freakin' amazing.

Oklahoma City Boudoir girl on floor

I’m self-conscious about my [arms, butt, legs, arms, etc]. Will you retouch my photos?

My general rule is that if it is temporary mark (something that will no longer be on your body after two to three weeks), I will remove it (pimples, zits, bruising, scratches, etc). I also do some minor adjustments. When I say the word “adjustments”, I mean that I may remove slight bumps or lines that show up in photos because of certain poses or the way an article of clothing looks. However, I do not slim down bodies in any way because I want you to look like YOU, not anyone else.

Oklahoma City Male boudoir man in bed

Do you photograph men?

Photographing men and those who identify as male is the peanut butter to my jelly. I believe every individual deserves the chance to feel empowered and confident in their own skin!

Oklahoma City couples boudoir in bed

Will you photograph me and my partner?

Absolutely! I love couples boudoir. Photographing the love, connection and intimacy between couples is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I also have a special package for in-home extended couples boudoir sessions. Message me for more details on this special offer!

Oklahoma City Boudoir woman lying on rug

What’s the price?

The Session Fee is $325 (plus tax) for individuals and includes the following:

· phone/email pre-session consultation

· up to 90 minute photography session with coaching and posing guidance

· Access to lingerie styling closet (closet includes over 200 pieces from size XS-3X)

· up to two outfit changes during the session

· Professional image retouching

· In person image reveal and purchasing appointment

Add ons:

On-site professional makeup with lashes | $85

On-site professional hair styling | $75

additional person (couples boudoir) | $100

The Session does not include prints or products. Prints and products are sold separately, with prices starting at $1,000.

Oklahoma City couples boudoir lgtbq friendly same sex male couple snuggling in bed and laughing

What type of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, all major credit cards, PayPal Credit (For those who qualify, PayPal Credit offers financing at 0% interest if the balance is paid in full within 6 months) and have several payment plan options.

Oklahoma City Male Boudoir sitting on window ledge

I’m not sure how to prepare, what should I do to get ready for my session?

I’ve got you covered! After your contract is signed and your Session Fee is paid , I will send you a boudoir session guide which includes detailed information about preparing for your big day. Part of the Session Fee also covers a pre-session Skype or other video consultation, where I go more in depth with a schedule of how the day will unfold, and you can answer any questions you may have about getting ready for your session.

Oklahoma City Couples Boudoir LGTBQ couple on couch

Where does the session take place?

Boudoir sessions take place at my in-home studio. I also am available for travel for in-home sessions in the Oklahoma City metro area. A travel fee will be added to sessions outside of the OKC metro area. If you’d like to photograph your boudoir session at a hotel or an Airbnb, the same travel conditions apply. In addition, the client is responsible for the cost of the hotel or Airbnb.

Oklahoma City Boudoir girl lying on bed

Who else will be at the session?

You (and your partner if doing a couples session), my makeup artist and me will be at your session. That’s it. No one else is permitted in my in-home studio while you are being photographed. We ask that partners not being photographed, friends and any children remain home during a session. In my experience, people are able to be more open and candid when working one on one with me, and I’m able to capture some amazing portraits when clients aren’t worried about what other people in the room may be thinking.

Oklahoma City Male Boudoir male resting on couch

Do I have to go completely naked during my session?

No. There is no requirement for you to be naked during your boudoir session. Being confident and loving your body doesn’t require you to be nude, but I want you to be open when you come into your session with me and ready to embrace and love every party of your body. That being said, I will push you to try new things, and allow me to use my creativity to make your session as unique and special as you are.

Oklahoma City Couples Boudoir man and woman lying on bed and kissing

I don't want my pictures posted anywhere online. What are my options on restricting any type of display of my photographs from the session?

I totally understand and respect each client's decision on whether to display their portraits on social media. If you don’t want your portraits displayed on my website, blog, social media, etc., they will not be posted. Simple as that. This is something we go over and is include in your boudoir session contract. If, however, you want to be featured (and I absolutely love showing off how my clients absolutely ROCK their sessions), I’d love to share your portraits on social media.

Oklahoma City Male Boudoir man lying in bed

Do you sell digitals?

I offer a variety of products, including albums, prints and wall art. I love for my clients to be able to have a tangible reminder of their session with me. For those who would prefer digitals, I do have digital packages available.