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Female Boudoir Testimonial


Ore was wonderful to work with, and even though I was VERY scantily clad I found myself actually relaxing and having fun in the moment. She gave directions on where to put everything from my feet to my hands (which was great, because I normally never know what to do with my hands — I’m awkward AF). Not only did I feel empowered when I saw the photos, but the experience itself during the shoot made me feel like a beautiful woman, both inside and out. Ore’s cheers from behind the camera are good for the ego (trust me). There was one sneak peek at the pictures during our session that had me squealing “OMG IS THAT ME?!?” and the proud smile on her face was priceless. You can tell she really loves doing this.

—Riza Fabreo

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Different Experience

Thank you so much, Ore!! These photos are all beautiful. I’m so thankful and [my girlfriend] is super happy with them, too. You rock. Keep it up, because you have a gift.

—Neal Stetson

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Naked Hugs….

Working with Ore is always such a breeze. She has the perfect mixture of professionalism and fun working behind the camera. She knows how to capture those candid moments by knowing when to give you words of encouragement and when to just keep taking pictures because whatever you’re thinking while you’re in the moment is perfect and she knows not to mess it up. She has an eye for angles and how to make you look absolutely amazing you’ll wonder if it’s even you in that picture, I’m not kidding! Every session I’ve had always goes by so quickly, we talk, we pose, we talk some more. Before I know it she has what she needs and we are done. It’s happened at the end of a shoot I’m about to hug her thank you and then realized I didn’t have anything on but my shoes! Her personality and vibe make for a very nonjudgmental environment where you can freely express how you feel and she captures it perfectly.

—Nicole Johnson

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