Traveling for Boudoir Sessions

Want to schedule a boudoir session with me, but don't live close to Oklahoma City? Not to worry!  I travel all over the United States multiple times a year.  Below is a list of my current travel availability. Check below to see if I'll be in your area this year.

Austin Texas Couples Boudoir two men snuggling under blanket


oklahoma city boudoir male man standing with hand o n head

HOUSton, tx november 2020

oklahoma city boudoir woman in mustard bodysuit sitting on emerald green sofa

las vegas, nv february 2020

If you don't see your city listed above, and want me to add your city to my travel list, you have several options.  

Option 1:

If you and 2 of your friends (for a total of 3 people) each schedule a boudoir session with me on the same weekend and the location is within the continental United States, I'll travel to you.  With this option, there are no travel fees associated with scheduling the boudoir sessions.

Option 2:

If you'd like me to travel to your city without coordinating with other people interested in booking a boudoir session (as in the first option), then I'll travel to you, and you'll cover both the session fee and all related travel fees and expenses.

For more information or to schedule your boudoir session, contact me here.